Feeling Pet Stressed?

Free your mind of Pet worries with Pet Monitor app. Keep checking on your pet when away from home. Watch live video, get notified with activity alerts, talk to pet or snap your favorite moments and share them with friends and family.

Pet Monitor turns any two of your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch devices into a simple, secure, and easy to use Pet Monitor.


Get instantly notified by the app’s sound and motion alerts of any disturbance in pet activity. Enjoy the sense of security, because if your friend is agitated or unhappy, you will know it right away.

Activity Log

Activity Log will give you an overview of what has happened during the day. All activity alerts are automatically saved to the diary with a snapshot that you can later share with your friends and family.

2 Way Audio & Video

Keep checking on your pet when away from home. Enjoy live video from anywhere. Drop in every now and then to say hello or use the tone of your voice to calm down your agitated or unhappy friend.

Snap & Share

Take photos of special pet moments during live video monitoring. Photos are saved to the Activity Log diary from where you can later share them with your friends and family.

Family Sharing

Purchase the app once and use iOS family sharing to use the app among up to 6 family members.

Unlimited Range

Keep checking on your pet when away and watch live video from anywhere. Pet Monitor works on any Wi-Fi network, over 3G or LTE.

Easy to use

Easy to use and reliable app, works on Apple devices with iOS 8 or newer. This includes iPhone 4s, iPad 2, iPod touch 6 or newer.

Frequently asked questions

What is Pet Monitor?

Pet Monitor app turns your two Apple iOS devices into a Pet Monitor with live two way audio and video streaming and activity alerts. One device runs the app in Pet Camera mode and stays at home monitoring your pet. The other device works as a Pet Monitor that you keep with you to check back home at any time and to receive alerts when Pet Camera detects noise or motion activity.

What devices are supported by the Pet Monitor app?

Pet Monitor app requires two devices running iOS 8 or newer. This includes iPhone 4s, iPad 2, iPad mini, iPod touch 6 or newer.

Do I need to purchase Pet Monitor app multiple times to install it to all my devices?

One purchase of Pet Monitor for iOS can be installed on up to 10 devices that use the same Apple ID for App Store purchases. Additionally you can use iOS family sharing to install the app on all devices that belong to one family.


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